Astronomers estimate 100, Atoms reach record low temperature and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2013-01-08 on Tamugaia - Astronomers estimate 100 billion planets, and Atoms reach record low temperature.
Astronomers estimate 100 billion planets - Recent discoveries have indicated the likelihood that our own galaxy is teeming with planets. Astronomers at Caltech have concluded that finding plane...... [ View ]

Atoms reach record low temperature - Scientists have found a way to achieve temperatures lower than the coldest temperature possible. Absolute zero is minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, the...... [ View ]

» Infowars Special Report with Gerald Celente PT 2!!! - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE : please forgive me for not up loading part @ yesterday august 5 11 i was so busy with so many things going on yesterday i forgot about pt 2 . for those of you who saw pt 1 pt 2 is just as... [ View ]

UFO or flying garbage bags? – ABC Online - UFO or flying garbage bags?ABC OnlineA UFO sighting filmed in far north Queensland has been questioned by an expert Australian investigator. Print page; Email this · Permalink. Share. Two orange light... [ View ]

Witness Watches Night Turn To Day In A Large Flash Of Light Over Qualicum Beach British Columbia - Date:  January 03, 2013Time:  Approx: 12:30 a.m. About an hour ago I was lying in my bed watching a movie on my phone. The room was completely dark except for my phone screen, all of the sudden t... [ View ]

One Possible Path to Full UFO Disclosure - Brent Braten - ... [ View ]

Long Legacy of Cattle Mutilations - FBI Discloses - ... [ View ]

A Tour of Haunted Structures Where Darkness Abides - ... [ View ]

Edgar Allan Poe - Pit and Pendulum Napoleonic Prison - ... [ View ]

Top Paranormal Events of 2012 - ... [ View ]

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