Area 51 & Area 52: , These Mysterious Microbes Can Live on a Diet of Meteorites and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2019-12-09 on Tamugaia - Area 51 & Area 52: Secret Underground Levels?, and These Mysterious Microbes Can Live on a Diet of Meteorites.
Area 51 & Area 52: Secret Underground Levels? - One of the more intriguing rumors surrounding Area 51 suggests that the vast majority of the top secret work undertaken there is handled not on the surface, but deep below it – in hollowed-out chambers,... [ View ]

These Mysterious Microbes Can Live on a Diet of Meteorites - If you’re a fan of the panspermia theory that life may have been transported to Earth on an asteroid or meteorite, then this story is for you. Researchers studying a mysterious microbe found living in vo... [ View ]

The Mysterious Hollow Ship: An Alien Encounter in Old Japan? - Reports of alien encounters range across the board, and go back to perhaps ancient times. From numerous disparate cultures come inexplicable reports of encounters with mysterious beings from beyond our und... [ View ]

Alcohol Helped Save Our Ancient Ancestors From Extinction - According to a new book, drinking alcohol may have saved our ancient ancestors from going extinct. The book, titled “Humans and alcohol: a long and social affair”, (which will be available on January 5... [ View ]

First-Ever Pig-Monkey Chimeras Born In Chinese Lab - “The findings could pave the way toward overcoming the obstacles in the re-engineering of heterogeneous organs and achieve the ultimate goal of human organ reconstruction in a large animal.” Sometimes... [ View ]

Illuminati Symbolism: 2019 AMAs Camila Cabello, In The Tall Grass & XXXTentacion! - ... [ View ]

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