Andromeda The Game Up On, Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine Now Available and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-10-03 on Tamugaia - Andromeda The Game Up On Kickstarter, and Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine Now Available.
Andromeda The Game Up On Kickstarter - Andromeda the Game is actually the name for a whole project worth of products based in the same universe. It’s broken up into various parts, from The Abyss, which is an RPG, to The Void, a board game... [ View ]

Issue 4 of Irregular Magazine Now Available - This is the last post of the day here on TGN. So, what will you do to fill the void between now and when I schedule up the first one for tomorrow? Well, I might suggest a gaming magazine. In particular, Is... [ View ]

Digital Version of Ticket To Ride: First Journey Now Available - My nephew loves trains. He’s like 4 or so and just loves the things. One of his favorite things to play on his tablet is this train simulator thing. On my next visit to see him, I might see about try... [ View ]

New Add-Ons and Updates For Resident Evil 2 Kickstarter - The Kickstarter campaign for the Resident Evil 2 board game coming from Steamforged continues to move along. The game is already more than 3x funded, with numerous stretch goals unlocked. Well, I’m s... [ View ]

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