Ancient language - World, Multiple Winsock2 tcp sockets and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2016-02-26 on Tamugaia - Ancient language - World map, and Multiple Winsock2 tcp sockets.
Ancient language - World map - ... [ View ]

Multiple Winsock2 tcp sockets - ... [ View ]

Serialization and pointers - ... [ View ]

Prototyping First Digital Game, Tools? - ... [ View ]

Nintendo Will Announce Pokémon Sun and Moon Tomorrow - Looking at the trademarks filled in the European Market, Nerdleaks has found two new registrations requested by Nintendo itself just today for Pokémon Sun and Moon.... [ View ]

Uncharted 4 2015 vs 2016 graphics comparison - ... [ View ]

Superhot Review | Entertainium - "If you played the original prototype of Superhot, the final game is simply more of that. And, frankly, thats all it needed to be. The game jam versions clever use of time manipulation resulted in a fun an... [ View ]

Girl and Game: Megadimension Neptunia VII Review | The Outerhaven - Adriel says: If I were to tell you that theres a game out there starring anime girls, chances are that you wouldnt be surprised in any sense of the word. But what if I were to tell you that theres a game o... [ View ]

Kult: Divinity Lost Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter - You want to know what can make you feel old? When you see things written out as “Kult came out over a quarter century ago, in 1991.” Well… gee… I guess when you put it that way, it... [ View ]

Space Pioneers Card Game Up On Kickstarter - Just about every day we hear about a new Exoplanet that’s been found out there in the galaxy. Occasionally we’ll hear about new propulsion systems that are being worked on in order to get us ou... [ View ]

ArcWorlde: Battle for Troll Bridge: Boxed Starter Set Up On Kickstarter - So, you have no doubt seen my praise for 2-player starter sets for miniatures games. I got into minis games with a 2-player starter set, splitting it with my friend. But what if you’ve got more peopl... [ View ]

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