Ancient fossil yields ol, Could intelligent aliens move entire stars ? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-06-21 on Tamugaia - Ancient fossil yields oldest ever panda DNA, and Could intelligent aliens move entire stars ?.
Ancient fossil yields oldest ever panda DNA - Researchers have identified a long-lost panda relative from DNA that was retrieved from an ancient jaw bone. The remarkable discovery was originally m...... [ View ]

Could intelligent aliens move entire stars ? - A new theory suggests that an intelligent alien civilization may try to collect and store stars for energy. According to senior scientist Dan Hooper f...... [ View ]

Two intoxicated hedgehogs rescued in Germany - The curious spiny mammals had ended up drunk after sampling a bottle of eggnog that someone had dropped. According to reports, police officers were ca...... [ View ]

Climbers turn Mt Everest in to a rubbish dump - The world-famous mountain has ended up covered in discarded rubbish thanks to careless climbing parties. There remain few peaks on Earth that can matc...... [ View ]

Nazi Flying Saucer Model Removed in Germany After Public Outcry - Can a scale-model plastic replica of something that never existed still be offensive enough to be banned? Would you change your answer if it was related to the Nazis? Would you change THAT answer if it was... [ View ]

The Many and Varied Balloons of Roswell - In a new article at his A Different Perspective blog titled “A New Roswell Solution?” Kevin Randle says: “Well, we have a new solution to the Roswell case. No, it’s not a weather balloo... [ View ]

Mysterious Phantoms With Bizarre High-Tech Suits - One type of entity long reported in the world of the unexplained is that of the prowling phantom, skulking about in the shadows to terrify, baffle, and even attack, which I have covered here before. There... [ View ]

Anomalous Big Cat Spotted in North Carolina - Many areas of planet Earth are facing invasion from alien big cats. While it would be terrifyingly awesome if these anomalous felines were indeed from an unknown distant corner of outer space, the reality... [ View ]

Earliest Known Pipe Found in Alabama Dates Smoking Back 3000 Years - Some people believe that Native Americans got their revenge on European invaders when they introduced the white man to tobacco. While that slow burn may be working, it hides the centuries of use by these i... [ View ]

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