An Ancient Virus May Be , Jacko: Bigfoot or Tall Tale? and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-02-08 on Tamugaia - An Ancient Virus May Be the Source of Human Consciousness, and Jacko: Bigfoot or Tall Tale?.
An Ancient Virus May Be the Source of Human Consciousness - It’s no stretch to say that the human consciousness is one of the things we possess which sets us apart from the lesser animals. The ability to hold abstract thoughts in one’s mind or imagine scenarios... [ View ]

Jacko: Bigfoot or Tall Tale? - It was a story that surfaced in 1884; a story which, if true, suggested something deeply strange was afoot in Yale, British Columbia. On Independence Day 1884, the Colonist newspaper published a story titl... [ View ]

Mutant Self-Cloning Crayfish Are Taking Over Madagascar - They’re called crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, mudbugs, yabbies and occasionally just bait. About 95% of the farm-raised crayfish in the U.S. come from Louisiana and... [ View ]

Mysterious Portals and Stargates of the Ancient World - The ancient world is infused with all manner of mysteries that have perplexed us or faded into history, and among these were the myriad remarkable inventions and displays of knowledge often shown by variou... [ View ]

Alaskan “Thunderbird” Reports Are Already Taking Flight in 2018 - In the first weeks of 2018, there was small talk appearing online of some big news out of the northwest: specifically, reports of a massive bird seen in the vicinity of Juneau, Alaska. The initial report i... [ View ]

Millions of viruses are raining down every day - A new study has revealed that large numbers of viruses may be falling from the sky on a daily basis. The research, which was conducted by a team of sc...... [ View ]

MH370 search vessel disappears for 3 days - The ship tasked with locating the wreck of flight MH370 went dark for several days and nobody knows why. Exactly what happened to Malaysia Airlines Fl...... [ View ]

Testimonial- ‘I see the results extremely fast’ from Jack - I have used Alexandra`s essences and oils over the last couple of years, however not on as consistent as I should have. I first stared using them to help with prostate challenges with the combinations of e... [ View ]

The word ‘Monitor’ according to Oxford Dictionary - According to Oxford Dictionary https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/,  The definition of the word Monitor is: 1. A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something. and 4. A... [ View ]

Records Related to the Dismissal of FBI Director Comey Part 02 of 02 - FBI: the Vault... [ View ]

The Deep State Stock Market is Plunging - Covert Geopolitics It’s happening. The global stock market is plunging. The Dow index tumbles to its lowest 1-day decline in history, -1175 points. The rest of the global market are all in the red. This... [ View ]

Simon Parkes – Dow Jones Fall - Simon Parkes Dow Jones stock market has biggest one day fall in history! I warned in recent Radio show that the gentle slide could become an avalanche. I never accepted that the Rothschilds would wait unti... [ View ]

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