Alligator that survived , Astronauts rehearse for Crew Dragon flight and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2020-05-25 on Tamugaia - Alligator that survived WWII dies aged 84, and Astronauts rehearse for Crew Dragon flight.
Alligator that survived WWII dies aged 84 - An aged alligator that was once rumored to belong to Adolf Hitler has passed away at a zoo in Moscow. Named Saturn, the 84-year-old Mississippi alliga...... [ View ]

Astronauts rehearse for Crew Dragon flight - Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will be blasting off to the ISS aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft on Wednesday. Ever since the Space Shuttle Atlantis touche...... [ View ]

Is this the best time to look for UFOs ? - Low pollution levels and fewer aircraft during lockdown could make this an ideal opportunity to go sky-watching. In many parts of the world, the usual...... [ View ]

Occult Symbolism in Hollywood Entertainment: Isaac Weishaupt on Shaun Attwood’s True Crime Podcast! - ... [ View ]

The First Crop Circles of 2020 Arrive and One is Already Debunked - Looking for something to take your mind off of (fill in the blank with what’s bothering you today)? Well, you’ve come to the right place … maybe. There’s word out of Italy (a place which could use... [ View ]

Bridges: Certain Locations That Attract Paranormal Phenomena - Today, I’m going to address the matter of bridges and their supernatural overtones. Auntyflo says: “Symbolically a bridge can indicate a journey or transition. It can represent stability or con... [ View ]

People Keep Finding Pyramids on the Moon - Pyramids are no stranger to mystery and mystique. They have long generated all manner of conversations and discussions on what they are, how they were made, and whether there are more baffling mysteries to... [ View ]

Astronomers Discover Never-Before-Seen Jupiter Trojan With Comet-Like Tail - Scientists have found an incredible never-before-seen active Trojan asteroid. Named 2019 LD2, this Jupiter Trojan was first discovered in June of 2019 by scientists using the University of Hawaii’s Aster... [ View ]

Ghosts of Famous Ax Murderer and Victims Return to Haunt House During Lockdown - During this extended period of coronavirus lockdown, people have been heard complaining about being confined with their spouses, children and pets. Count your blessings … things could be worse. How about... [ View ]

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