Alas Vegas RPG Now Avail, Princes of the Apocalypse Module Now Available On Roll20 and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2018-03-11 on Tamugaia - Alas Vegas RPG Now Available, and Princes of the Apocalypse Module Now Available On Roll20.
Alas Vegas RPG Now Available - We all know of stories of Kickstarters that funded, but then the person behind it seems to vanish. Delivery dates are missed. Updates come slower and slower. Many backers write the product off as lost̷... [ View ]

Princes of the Apocalypse Module Now Available On Roll20 - I have friends all over the world. I’m sure most of you do, too. The Internet connects us with people from everywhere, instantly. But it’s kinda hard to bring in Henrix from Sweden or Halfi fro... [ View ]

The Awful Orphanage Adds Alyce to Their Lineup of Miniatures - One thing that sets Kickstarters apart from just buying a game regularly is the amount of exclusives and promos you can end up with. Some Kickstarters even throw in special extras if you join in early. Tha... [ View ]

Darkness Strategy Card Game Up On Kickstarter - In a remote spot in Northern Europe, druids and witches are all looking to control a set of powerful artifacts. However, each of these items will only be wielded by a single master. Performing complex ritu... [ View ]

Free 3D modeling and game art tutorials from industry veteran - ... [ View ]

Musician needed for ABC Song - ... [ View ]

Neural Network with varying amount of input data? - ... [ View ]

Read message from std::exception into script exception - ... [ View ]

2D Random Map Generation - ... [ View ]

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