AirAsia plane may have m, Shanghai crush victims mainly young women and other World news

The world news of 2015-01-02 on Tamugaia - AirAsia plane may have managed to ditch: experts, and Shanghai crush victims mainly young women.
AirAsia plane may have managed to ditch: experts - 8:55 AM... [ View ]

Shanghai crush victims mainly young women - 3:28 PM... [ View ]

Weather clears for AirAsia recovery op - 01 Jan 2015... [ View ]

How Can We Inspire Slacktivist Generation? - Dana Milbank, Wash PostI wanted to do something for my country during the holidays, so I went to the movies. I watched the Christmas Day opening of “The Interview,” to show North Korea that I... [ View ]

A Year of Liberal Double Standards - Jonah Goldberg, National ReviewMany conservatives finished the year angry about the same thing they were angry about at the beginning of the year: liberal double standards. As I write this, GOP House whip... [ View ]

Gaza Is Nowhere - Roger Cohen, New York TimesGAZA CITY — You trudge into Gaza from a high-tech Israeli facility through a caged walkway that brings you, after about 15 minutes, to a ramshackle Palestinian border post... [ View ]

Obama's Cuba Shift Comically Overblown - Mark Salter, RealClearPoliticsFor all the media attention paid to President Obama’s decision to “normalize” relations with Cuba, it’s not entirely clear what th... [ View ]

Scalise Falls Prey to His Own Politics of Scandal - Michael Scherer, TimeSteve Scalise, the third-ranking Republican in the House, knows well how the Washington game of target and destroy is played.Long before he admitted on Monday to accidentally speaking... [ View ]

New Year, New Rules: A Look At Laws Going Into Effect In 2015 - New laws include banning leaf blowers, redefining "milk," and dining with dogs... [ View ]

Meet the First 2015 Baby Born in New York City - The first baby born in New York was born at 12:00 on the dot.... [ View ]

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