After Afghan slaying, a , Palestinians rally to back U.N. statehood bid and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-22 on Tamugaia - After Afghan slaying, a sense of helplessness, and Palestinians rally to back U.N. statehood bid.
After Afghan slaying, a sense of helplessness - ... [ View ]

Palestinians rally to back U.N. statehood bid - ... [ View ]

35 bodies dumped in Mexican city as president begins effort to woo tourists - ... [ View ]

IMF puts number on potential bank losses in European debt crisis: $400 billion - ... [ View ]

NATO extends Libyan campaign for up to 90 days - ... [ View ]

Ukrainian man wins dumpling eating competition - then dies - A 77-year-old Ukrainian man won a jar full of sour cream for coming first in a dumpling eating contest and then promptly died, local media reported on Wednesday.... [ View ]

Troy Davis executed: reaction from around the world - Death row prisoner Troy Davis has been executed for the 1989 killing of Mark MacPhail, despite substantial evidence of his innocence. Here is a summary of the world reaction, on Twitter and elsewhere.... [ View ]

British travel company stages first cycling tour of North Korea - A British travel company has staged the first ever cycling tour of North Korea, taking 24 tourists from 10 nations on a 10-day tour of the most isolated nation in the world.... [ View ]

Troy Davis: timeline of main events in legal saga - Troy Davis has been executed in Jackson, Georgia despite a swirl of international pleas for clemency in one of the highest-profile US execution cases in years.... [ View ]

US unleashes $400bn plan to save ailing economy - ... [ View ]

Troy Davis execution goes ahead despite serious doubts about his guilt - ... [ View ]

Palestinians ready to put statehood on backburner in favour of peace talks - ... [ View ]

NHS told to abandon delayed IT project - ... [ View ]

Gas field to turn Blackpool into Dallas-on-sea - ... [ View ]

Five dead as truck hits bomb in Pakistan - ... [ View ]

Obama seeks to ease doubts on global leadership - ... [ View ]

Typhoon kills 6 in Japan, Fukushima nuclear plant not affected - ... [ View ]

800 POUND GATOR - ST. LUCIE, FL - A 19-year-old Florida student, reeled in a 12-foot, 3-inch, 800-pound alligator!... [ View ]

CHAZ BONO PREGNANT! - HOLLYWOOD - Sources close to Dancing With The Stars confirm... Chaz Bono is pregnant!... [ View ]

MEDIEVAL IRISH ZOMBIES - IRELAND - Archaeologists in Ireland unearthed two 8th-century skeletons buried with stones stuck into their mouths. Proof of Medieval zombies.... [ View ]

LION STOPS LESBIAN BURGLARS - UPPER DARBY, PA - A lion thwarted the "burgling" efforts of two young lesbians.... [ View ]

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