The world news of 2011-09-01 on Tamugaia - ANOTHER HUMAN FOOT WASHES ASHORE, and PROSTITUTE METERS.
ANOTHER HUMAN FOOT WASHES ASHORE - VANCOUVER, BC - A human foot has washed up in Vancouver -- the eighth such grisly find the last four years.... [ View ]

PROSTITUTE METERS - BONN, GERMANY - Prostitutes in this city now have to "feed the meter" if they want to walk the streets.... [ View ]

KIM KARDASHIAN SEX TAPE - HOLLYWOOD - Kim Kardashian will have to come up with $30 million if she wants to buy back her sex tape.... [ View ]

TROUSER SNAKES - MIAMI – The TSA caught a man with snakes in a pants. Seven snakes to be exact.  And three tortoises. Guy is a reptile lover.  Literally. Using a body scanner, TSA officers in Miami spotted the rept... [ View ]

Greek Fears of Social Backlash and Destabilization - The explosive mixture of illegal immigration and harsh recession has Greece walking a tightrope over very dangerous waters.... [ View ]

Security and Islam in the New Libya - Libya's new government will likely face threats from Gaddafi loyalists from outside it as well as a vying for power form Islamic forces inside it.... [ View ]

Viewpoints: Rebels Face a Post-Gaddafi Libya - Muammar Gaddafi has been overthrown by rebel forces, and Libya's National Transitional Council now must confront the challenges of rebuilding a battered, liberated country.... [ View ]

140 Seconds to Address Egypt's Challenges - Egyptian activists are taking social media to the next level, creating forums that combine in-person and virtual experiences to address controversial issues.... [ View ]

India: Unlovable at 64 - India's 64th independence day is an unhappy one, as it is confronted by corruption in governance and a host of other national and state issues.... [ View ]

Tripoli’s sudden fall revealed rotten heart of Gaddafi’s regime - ... [ View ]

Gen. Petraeus warns against military cuts - ... [ View ]

Casino arson massacre in Mexico may be rooted in corruption - ... [ View ]

Afghan police casualties soar - ... [ View ]

Israel braces for Palestinian statehood bid at United Nations - ... [ View ]

Watch: Job Crisis in America: Searching for a Solution - ... [ View ]

Watch: Security Concerns Increase as 9/11 Nears - ... [ View ]

Kosovan admits killing 2 US airmen - A Kosovo Albanian man confessed Wednesday to killing two U.S. airmen at the Frankfurt airport, saying at the opening of his trial that he had been influenced by radical Islamic propaganda.... [ View ]

Pakistani fertilizer fuels Afghan bombs - The main ingredient in most of the homemade bombs that have killed hundreds of American troops in Afghanistan is fertilizer produced by a single company in Pakistan, where the U.S. has been pushing unsucce... [ View ]

Suicide car bomb kills 10 in southwest Pakistan - A suicide car bomber attacked Shiite Muslims in southwestern Pakistan on Wednesday as they were heading home after morning prayers at the start of an Islamic holiday. The blast killed 10 people, officials... [ View ]

Town honors the fallen one last time - ... [ View ]

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