A Look at 'Use of F, Go to Ferguson Right Now, President Obama and other World news

The world news of 2014-11-25 on Tamugaia - A Look at 'Use of Force' Doctrine, and Go to Ferguson Right Now, President Obama.
A Look at 'Use of Force' Doctrine - Ashby Jones, Wall Street Journal... [ View ]

Go to Ferguson Right Now, President Obama - Brian Beutler, TNRPresident Barack Obama’s unwillingness to wade deeply into the thicket of passions, grievances, suspicions, and resentments that materialized after Michael Brown was killed in Ferg... [ View ]

This Is Why We Protest - Syreeta McFadden, The Guardian... [ View ]

Obama, Hagel Couldn't Make It Work - Alexis Simendinger, RCPVice President Joe Biden looked stricken Monday. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel kept his saggy eyes fixed on President Obama as the commander-in-chief cut his defense secretary loose... [ View ]

Hagel Takes a Bullet for Obama - Shane Harris & Tim Mak, The Daily Beast... [ View ]

Ebola In Remote Liberia, Through The Eyes Of A Local Health Worker - Amid hopeful news from Liberia of dwindling numbers of Ebola cases, an outbreak of the disease started late last month in a remote part of the country. Health worker Lorenzo Dorr gives us an update.... [ View ]

Hello Flowers, Bye-Bye Stray Dogs: Nepal Preps For South Asian Summit - VIPs arrive in Katmandu tomorrow for the big event. The government is whitewashing buildings, sending beggars away and promising 24-hour power. But what happens when the summit ends?... [ View ]

Riots after jury fails to indict US cop - 5:25 PM... [ View ]

Protests across US over Ferguson decision - 4:59 PM... [ View ]

Iran nuclear deal deadline extended - 2:25 PM... [ View ]

No bail for fugitive mum who fled to Aust - 1:43 PM... [ View ]

Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel steps down - 12:22 PM... [ View ]

Ferguson protests turn violent after grand jury verdict - live updates - ... [ View ]

Germany avoided recession thanks to rise in household spending – business live - ... [ View ]

Ferguson: teargas, gunfire and arson following grand jury verdict - as it happened - ... [ View ]

‘Britain’s brightest student’ taking aim at teaching’s sacred cows - Daisy Christodoulou’s Seven Myths attacks accepted views on skills and knowledge and everyone from Ofsted to Dickens... [ View ]

International Emmys: Dillane and Krijgsman pick up top prizes - Game of Thrones star triumphs as British detective in crime drama The Tunnel while Krijgsman wins for cleaner role... [ View ]

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