A Diary of the Damned, Weeping Statue in New Mexico Investigated by Catholic Church and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-05-28 on Tamugaia - A Diary of the Damned, and Weeping Statue in New Mexico Investigated by Catholic Church.
A Diary of the Damned - Even for a seasoned author like myself – someone who has written more than forty books across the last two decades – the publishing world can still present challenges. Deadlines, edits, fact-checking,... [ View ]

Weeping Statue in New Mexico Investigated by Catholic Church - Miracle: a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.   Weeping statue: a statue which has been cl... [ View ]

Mystery of 70-Year-Old Woman Who Claims She’s Pregnant - “Woman ‘Pregnant At 70’ Could Potentially Be The Oldest Mother Ever” It’s one of the most popular tabloid headlines of the past few days and, if it’s true, could be one of the most puzz... [ View ]

Mysterious People with Real Mutant Superpowers - In recent years it seems that super heroes are all the rage, with these larger than life heroes displaying bombastic powers beyond comprehension and the imagination. For many this may all be purely within... [ View ]

UFOs: When Governments Come Clean - Just recently I wrote an article titled “A factual object of very unusual nature.” It served to demonstrate that, contrary to what some have said, the U.S. Freedom of Information Act has led to... [ View ]

Are Aliens Spying on Us? - Paranormal Junkie In my last video I talked a little bit about the black knight satellite and after I released that video I got a lot of request to make a more detailed video about it. Now this alien sate... [ View ]

On Memorial Day, A Marine Remembers Syria Before The War - Zero Hedge During a recent White House meeting between President Trump and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Trump had some surprising commentary on the war in Syria, and specifically the way life... [ View ]

Russian Navy Tests Four Bulava SLBMs in Salvo - Strategic Culture On May 22, the Yuri Dolgoruky Project 955 Borei-class  strategic nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) – a.k.a. “boomer” -  launched four Bulava RSM-56 missiles fr... [ View ]

Documents Reveal U.S. Military’s Interest in Dark Energy and Other Dimensions [VIDEO] - UFOmania – The truth is out there Published on May 27, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 290K The U.S. government’s interest might not just stop at aerial phenomena, however. A new trove of documents obtained by KL... [ View ]

George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Maine - AP News BIDDEFORD, Maine (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush was hospitalized Sunday in Maine after he experienced low blood pressure and fatigue, a spokesman said. Just after 2 p.m., Jim McGrath, a... [ View ]

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