A Collection of Awesome , Free High Quality Christmas Icons and other Internet news

The internet news of 2012-12-02 on Tamugaia - A Collection of Awesome Moleskine Art & Illustrations, and Free High Quality Christmas Icons.
A Collection of Awesome Moleskine Art & Illustrations - Moleskine Notebooks have been a sanctuary for the recordings and scribblings of geniuses and masterminds that have treaded the earth and left their mark years prior to their popularity today. Legendary Mol... [ View ]

Free High Quality Christmas Icons - As Christmas is almost there and designers, like me, will be in need of some Christmas themed vectors which they can use in their upcoming holiday projects. Therefore PelFusion team has designed some cool... [ View ]

Stunning Showcase of Sunrise and Sunset Photography - The natural wonders of the world are miracles we casually tread upon every day of our lives, habitually and naturally taking for granted their inherent beauty and miraculous existence. Realizing, observing... [ View ]

The 3D Illusion Drawings - We have been exploring various different talents here on Pel Fusion’s online magazine. 3D art in the form of drawings is one that calls from great intrigue. If you’ve been following our space, chances... [ View ]

N.Y. High Court Says Affair Is Medical Malpractice - New York’s highest court says it was medical malpractice for a Long Island family doctor to have an affair with a married patient he treated for anxiety and depression but also ruled she shares fault sin... [ View ]

Lawsuit: Fedex Fires Utah Driver Over Russian Accent - A Utah truck driver alleges FedEx fired him because of his Russian accent, even though he offered to appear before corporate higher-ups to demonstrate his English-speaking abilities. Ismail Aliyev has file... [ View ]

Brewer Rejects State-Run Health Exchange for Arizona - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has decided against creating a state-run health insurance exchange to implement a key part of President Barack Obama’s federal health care law. Brewer’s decision announced Wedne... [ View ]

Pregnant Waitress Wins Settlement From Arizona Bar - A Peoria, Ariz. restaurant and bar must pay $15,000 to a former waitress who was moved from Sunday shifts because its management thought men watching football games would not want to see pregnant servers.... [ View ]

Rick Majerus, basketball coaching tactician, dies - Former Saint Louis Billikens head coach Rick Majerus talks to his team during a 2012 NCAA tournament game.(Photo: Frank Victores, US Presswire) Story Highlights Rick Majerus took 12 teams to the NCAA men&#... [ View ]

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