‘Tunguska-Sized, Mel’s Hole, Devil’s Holes, and Other Paranormal Pits in the Earth and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2018-04-19 on Tamugaia - ‘Tunguska-Sized’ Surprise Asteroid Narrowly Misses Earth, and Mel’s Hole, Devil’s Holes, and Other Paranormal Pits in the Earth.
‘Tunguska-Sized’ Surprise Asteroid Narrowly Misses Earth - Sometimes, it’s just better not to know what goes on above our heads. Our planet is constantly bombarded with rocks and objects hurtling through our solar system, but luckily, most of these are so small... [ View ]

Mel’s Hole, Devil’s Holes, and Other Paranormal Pits in the Earth - Among all of the strange stories of the mysterious and paranormal there are often those which seem to be particularly strange and inexplicable, and which serve to grip us with their enigmas. Certainly amon... [ View ]

Teen Finds King Bluetooth’s Lost Treasures and a Thor’s Hammer - If you’re a 13-year-old boy, what is more exiting: finding the treasures of a 10th century king whose name is now attached to a modern communications technology or finding Thor’s hammer? One lucky Dani... [ View ]

Exploring Canadian Monsters: Manitoba - Manitoba has a special place in the world of monsters. The word “cryptid” was first used by Manitoba’s John E. Wall in 1983 to describe animals sought by cryptozoologists. The province of Manitoba st... [ View ]

Scientists Search for Evidence of Pre-Human Advanced Civilization - “If an industrial civilization had existed on Earth many millions of years prior to our own era, what traces would it have left and would they be detectable today?” That’s the opening question asked... [ View ]

Was It Real? - ... [ View ]

The Cat Who Jumps On My Bed At Night - ... [ View ]

The Green Man Ghost - ... [ View ]

Plants have a unique way of avoiding sunburn - A new study has revealed that plants protect themselves from Sun damage by repairing their own DNA. According to researchers at the University of Nort...... [ View ]

Mutant enzyme breaks down plastic bottles - Scientists have inadvertently created a mutant enzyme capable of breaking down common waste plastics. In a breakthrough that could prove invaluable in...... [ View ]

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