80 arrested in New York, Obama criticises black people and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-25 on Tamugaia - 80 arrested in New York, and Obama criticises black people.
80 arrested in New York - About 80 people have been arrested as demonstrators who were camped out near the New York Stock Exchange marched through lower Manhattan.... [ View ]

Obama criticises black people - American President Barack Obama has had some harsh words for black people at a US dinner - telling them to stop crying and complaining.... [ View ]

Power blackout hits Chile - A widespread power blackout has affected between nine million and 16 million people in Chile, forcing thousands in the capital to be evacuated from trains or subway cars.... [ View ]

Labour would cut top university fees to £6,000, says Ed Miliband - ... [ View ]

UBS jobs in peril as CEO quits over alleged rogue trader scandal - ... [ View ]

While the diplomats haggle, deadly tensions are mounting in the nascent Palestine - ... [ View ]

Through Thick and Thin - For the Russian Orthodox Church, the post-Soviet period began in October of 1990, even before the Soviet Union’s official collapse, when the government adopted a new Soviet law on the freedom of conscien... [ View ]

Watch: Drug Shortage Affecting Hospital Patients - ... [ View ]

Drug Shortages Imperil Lives, Research - ... [ View ]

Watch: U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms - ... [ View ]

Bringing America Back: Infrastructure Made in China? - ... [ View ]

Watch: Presidential Debate: Fact-Checking Perry - ... [ View ]

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