5 underdog games of 2012, Neverdead Review (Strategy Informer) and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-02-01 on Tamugaia - 5 underdog games of 2012 to put on your radar, and Neverdead Review (Strategy Informer).
5 underdog games of 2012 to put on your radar - Bitmob - You know its going to be a good year when something like Far Cry 3 gets swallowed whole by the hype surrounding other games.... [ View ]

Neverdead Review (Strategy Informer) - From Strategyinformer.com: "People often claim theyre pulling their hair out with stress but has anyone ever attempted to dislodge their entire head? A little thing called mortality prevents us from doing... [ View ]

Top 7... Final Fantasy spinoffs - As one of the longest-running videogame series with its fair share of spinoffs, Final Fantasy has been a leader in breathtaking cutscenes, complex (and sometimes confusing) storylines, intricate costumes d... [ View ]

Radio Playstation Podcast 1-30-12 - ... [ View ]

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review - Gaming-Age - "Ill start off this review for Final Fantasy XIII-2 by saying that I find the sequel to be a lot more enjoyable than the original. It certainly shows that Square Enix took note from the numerous critical r... [ View ]

North American PS Store Update for January 31 – A Puddle of physics - ... [ View ]

King of Fighters XIII online patch available for download - ... [ View ]

Legends of Pegasus Preview - 4X. Even better than XXX.... [ View ]

Conception RPG spawns this April in Japan - A PSP-exclusive RPG will feature a “baby-making” party-creation system. There have been few recent updates on Spike’s upcoming RPG, Conception: Ore no Kodomo o Unde Kure!!, a game in whic... [ View ]

Syndicate 4 player co-op briefing - ... [ View ]

THQ has 5 months to save itself else it will be delisted - ... [ View ]

In Other News – 31 January 2012 - ... [ View ]

Saints Row the Third Genki Bowl DLC Review – I (didn’t) survive a Japanese game show - ... [ View ]

Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 - ... [ View ]

Aerial Voyager - In the top view shooting game Aerial Voyage you get in your plane and fight against the inter-dimensional foes that try to take over the kingdom. Use gunfire, spells and projectiles to destroy the enemy un... [ View ]

Crash The Robot 2 - Your goal in the puzzle game Crash The Robot 2 is to destroy the robot in each level. Place bombs and other devices to activate mechanisms that destroy the robot in each of the levels.... [ View ]

Planet Blirp - In the shooting game Planet Blirp your goal is to get beack to earth. Retrieve team members and survive each wave of enemy attacks using all sorts of upgradable weapons. Level up, collect cash and buy new... [ View ]

Impossible Quizbook 1 - In the puzzle game Impossible Quizbook 1 your goal is to answer all questions in the book.... [ View ]

Tekken 3D Prime Edition gets Australian release date - ... [ View ]

SWTOR update 1.1.1 patch notes released - ... [ View ]

US PS Store update: Twisted Metal, Syndicate demos - ... [ View ]

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