5 Reasons Why Used Games, David Jaffe departs Twisted Metal developer due to creative differences and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2012-02-09 on Tamugaia - 5 Reasons Why Used Games Aren’t Evil, and David Jaffe departs Twisted Metal developer due to creative differences.
5 Reasons Why Used Games Aren’t Evil - ... [ View ]

David Jaffe departs Twisted Metal developer due to creative differences - ... [ View ]

PS3 Twisted Metal media blowout - ... [ View ]

Law & Order: Legacies Review - ... [ View ]

Little Deviants Screens - ... [ View ]

Promising Leads - Law and Order: Legacies Gameplay - ... [ View ]

Personal Info - Law and Order: Legacies Gameplay - ... [ View ]

Crime Scene - Law and Order: Legacies Gameplay - ... [ View ]

Sweet Motorstorm RC video looks at competitive time trials - ... [ View ]

Grand Slam Tennis 2 screens served - ... [ View ]

EA CFO Eric Brown leaves company - ... [ View ]

Vodafone offers free WipEout 2048 with 3G Vita - ... [ View ]

Square Enix fills XBLA with discounts - ... [ View ]

Batman: Arkham City sells 6 million copies, boasts Warners - ... [ View ]

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown dev diary takes you behind the scenes of AM2’s classic franchise - ... [ View ]

GamesRadar and IPLAYWINNER team up for Street Fighter X Tekken livestream - ... [ View ]

Sony cancels UMD Passport Program for US players - ... [ View ]

Privateer Press announces plastic Hordes BattleBoxes - Privateer Press announces Plastic Battle Boxes for the Hordes Factions. From their website: Trollblood Battlegroup Starter (plastic) The stalwart trollkin of the United Kriels fight alongside their savage... [ View ]

Privateer Press releases FAQ for the War Room App - Privateer Press releases an FAQ about War Room, their new App for Warmachine and Hordes. From their site: War Room, the first official utility app for WARMACHINE and HORDES, is coming to iOS and Android de... [ View ]

MaxMini.eu releases bike wheels - MaxMini.eu releases bike wheels to their online store. From their website: This set contains 4 bike wheels designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures. Supplied unpainted.... [ View ]

Bushido the Game previews new model - Bushido The Game posts a preview of a new model on their facebook page. From their preview: Well done, 400 likes and so here you go. Thoughts?... [ View ]

Puppets War previews their new Dwarves - PuppetsWar.eu previews their new models, Dwarves. Our latest product... [ View ]

Crime Scene – Law and Order: Legacies Gameplay - Suche den Tatort nach Hinweisen auf Rachael Mord in diesem Clip von Law and Order: Vermächtnisse. Kommentare lesen und schreiben | Holen Sie sich den ganzen Artikel auf GameSpot            ... [ View ]

Dev Watercooler: Ghostcrawler on class roles - With the Mists of Pandaria press event still a month down the road, Lead Systems Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street has posted a new Dev Watercooler to keep us busy. This time, he philosophizes... [ View ]

PS3 PlayMemories video editing app is part of a PC/mobile suite, includes 5GB of storage - Sony has announced its PlayMemories video editing software for the Japanese PS3, following an announcement in Europe. Along with this news comes details of the services provided with the app, including fi... [ View ]

Help Tim Schafer kickstart his new adventure game - Renowned videogame developer, Tim Schafer, has turned to crowdsourcing to fund his next project and he needs your help... [ View ]

Middle Earth is Being Recreated, Tower by Tower, in The Elder Scrolls [Lord Of The Rings] - ... [ View ]

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