3mia What site is this?

About 3mia, what the hell is it? I recently found a weird search keyword. I have no idea nor information on it. That keyword is called 3mia... what does it mean?
3mia What site is this?
I am not sure what 3mia means, so I decided to check it up on my favorite search engine Google. But even Google showed puzzling results:

3mia.com, User-Generated 3mia.com Media - Today.com
A list of media about 3mia.com.

3mia.com sandeewestgate, User-Generated 3mia.com sandeewestgate ... A list of media about 3mia.com sandeewestgate. More results from www.today.com »

MySpaceTV Videos: <3mia Video Channel me and heather by <3mia. Watch it on MySpaceTV. ... (Add Comment)<3mia's Video Channel Comments. From, Comment. Login and be the first to post a comment ...

Seems to me like 3mia is just a randomly generated stuff, from webportals like Today.com, until I caught the keyword "3mia.com". Oh, so it is a website address? I browsed there and got redirected to some site that is... well... rated with the 3rd last alphabet... Oh my God.

I thought 3mia stood for 3 guys Missing in Action or something but no, it was that kind of website... and BTW, 3mia.com is also banned by Google, no wonder no hits showed up when I did a site search.

Well, I think I'd rather prefer my other favorite sites like newgrounds, armorgames, hubpages, ijji... 3mia, no thanks. Some other time.

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Tags : 3mia, puzzle, website, puzzling, 3mia.com
Posted on 2008-10-19 [Sun] 11:18 with 30400 hits
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