2D Turn Based Hex Strate, Metallic Materials and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2014-08-09 on Tamugaia - 2D Turn Based Hex Strategy Game Creation Advice, and Metallic Materials.
2D Turn Based Hex Strategy Game Creation Advice - ... [ View ]

Metallic Materials - ... [ View ]

How to create a typical "Dungeon Master" type of game? - ... [ View ]

Stuck in C#...... - ... [ View ]

Choosing the right tool(s) to develop multiplatform game - ... [ View ]

Tales From Space: Mutant Blob Attack Review at Skewed and Reviewed - ... [ View ]

ReVeN: X-Bridge Free Beta Now Available - Get a head start on some late night gaming with ReVeN: X-Bridge - a prologue/free beta plus free DLC! ReVeN will be available to multiple platforms on PC, Ouya, and Wii U.... [ View ]

The Order: 1886 "Cinematic brilliance" Changes Gaming As We Know It - Exclusive PS4 Guide - A video game for movie lovers. Ever wanted to be in a movie? Now you can. The Order 1886 looks and feels like an actual movie. Players will feel part of this dark and thrilling title.... [ View ]

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