23.20 – MU Podcast, 05.18.20. Navy Encounters With Rogue Aircraft and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2020-05-23 on Tamugaia - 23.20 – MU Podcast – Squid Router, and 05.18.20. Navy Encounters With Rogue Aircraft.
23.20 – MU Podcast – Squid Router - The barriers that prevent us from moving into other realities may be more permeable than we realise. Past lives and parallel dimensions collide on this episode as we discuss the experiences of a man who cl... [ View ]

05.18.20. Navy Encounters With Rogue Aircraft - ... [ View ]

Archeologists Link Early Humans From Siberia’s Lake Baikal to the First North Americans - Siberia’s Lake Baikal is the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, the world’s deepest lake, the world’s clearest lakes and possibly the world’s oldest lake. That probably made i... [ View ]

Controversy Still Surrounds the Rendlesham Forest “UFO” Incident - This week I’ve done 7 or 8 radio shows and podcasts on my new book, The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy. More than a few people in Ufology have said that no-one in Ufology (apart from me LOL) believes... [ View ]

The Sinister Tale of a Metal-Fanged Serial Killer - Serial killers have been out hunting on the periphery of society since as long as we have been around, and they always manage to inspire a mixture of dread and wonder. What makes someone suddenly decide to... [ View ]

Paranormal Helpline is Getting Popular - A man in India has started a paranormal helpline for people who are experiencing unexplained activity in their homes. There seems to be a lot of paranormal activity in India as he receives an average of mo... [ View ]

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