1200 witchcraft, sorcery, Astronomy – Comet (Moombahcore) [HD] and other Paranormal news

The paranormal news of 2012-06-13 on Tamugaia - 1200 witchcraft, sorcery items seized, two held – Khaleej Times, and Astronomy – Comet (Moombahcore) [HD].
1200 witchcraft, sorcery items seized, two held – Khaleej Times - Khaleej Times 1200 witchcraft, sorcery items seized, two heldKhaleej TimesThe Dubai Customs has recently foiled a bid to smuggle 1200 witchcraft and sorcery items byContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Astronomy – Comet (Moombahcore) [HD] - Buy “Comet” here : astronomymusic.bandcamp.com Follow on Soundcloud : www.soundcloud.com A new track I put together named “Comet” which is Moombahcore. I put this upContinue Reading... [ View ]

Ghost Adventures — Amargosa Opera House Season 4 Episode 11, 1 of 3 - synopsis: Zak and his team travel to Death Valley to investigate the haunted Amargosa Opera House, which has been removated into a hotel. Will theContinue Reading »... [ View ]

No UFO!! Russia’ test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile… Seen in Israel - Russia announced on Thursday night that it had carried out a successful test of an inter-continental ballistic missile, seemingly explaining a mysterious moving light seenContinue Reading »... [ View ]

Disc-shaped UFO over Flowery Branch, Georgia - ... [ View ]

UFO over Texas-Mexico Border - ... [ View ]

Assange appeals against UK extradition – The News International - Assange appeals against UK extraditionThe News InternationalLONDON: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has appealed against Britain's Supreme Court's decision to back his extradition to Sweden over a... [ View ]

Is It Dangerous Where You Live? - Awhile back I wrote an article about the infamous Plum Island that is located off of the tip of Long Island New York. Plum Island has been long known as a place of dangerous activities since the mid.. UFO... [ View ]

UFO: North Carolina stake out uncovers alien-like orange cylinder spacecraft – Canadian National Newspaper - Canadian National Newspaper UFO: North Carolina stake out uncovers alien-like orange cylinder spacecraftCanadian National NewspaperA North Carolina witness reports UFO activity on 9 June 2012 according to... [ View ]

News: Accidental Genius, Ax Murder Ghost, LSD and ESP - ... [ View ]

Reader Report: "The ghost looked like me!" - ... [ View ]

Tales of the Ouija - ... [ View ]

Underwater Mystery - ... [ View ]

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