103 dead after ferry sin, U.S. official acknowledges drone strikes, civilian deaths and other World news

The world news of 2012-05-01 on Tamugaia - 103 dead after ferry sinks in India, and U.S. official acknowledges drone strikes, civilian deaths.
103 dead after ferry sinks in India - An overloaded double-decked ferry carrying mostly farmers and their families capsized in the Dhubri district of the northeastern Indian state of Assam on Monday, killing at least 103 people, police said.... [ View ]

U.S. official acknowledges drone strikes, civilian deaths - White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan on Monday spoke openly -- and at great length -- about what has long been one of the government’s most controversial official secrets:  the use of remot... [ View ]

NBC sources: Blind Chinese activist under US protection - Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng is under U.S. protection after a bold escape from 19 months under house arrest, sources told NBC News on Monday.... [ View ]

Red Cross condemns killing of aid worker in Pakistan - The International Committee of the Red Cross condemned the murder of its staff member, Khalil Rasjed Dale, and asked Pakistani media not to broadcast a video of his execution. "We are devastated," ICRC Dir... [ View ]

Koalas get some protection in parts of Australia - The face of Australia on Monday got some needed protection in parts of the country. While nearly a plague in South Australia, the iconic koala was listed as "vulnerable" in Queensland and New South Wales d... [ View ]

China lawyer casts shadow over US talks - 3:03 PM... [ View ]

41 Indian ferry passengers killed - 2:21 PM... [ View ]

Passenger jet deliberately crashed in desert - 11:00 AM... [ View ]

Drunk US woman charged over biting dog - 10:29 AM... [ View ]

Greek socialists hope François Hollande wins French elections - ... [ View ]

Blood test could detect breast cancer risk - ... [ View ]

Election Offers a Choice, Not an Echo - Pete DuPont, Wall Street JournalAs the presidential election is just over six months away and both parties have chosen their candidates, the campaign is now fully with us. We are in a very serious and clo... [ View ]

President Obama Reaches for Some Clinton Magic - Josh Kraushaar, NJFor a president who went out of his way to distance himself from Bill Clinton as a candidate, Obama is depending on his help as he faces a tough re-election campaign. While he may not be... [ View ]

New WTC tower surpasses Empire State - ... [ View ]

New insights on American al Qaeda - ... [ View ]

High stakes for US in China activist case - ... [ View ]

NYC officials sue NYPD over Occupy - ... [ View ]

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