100 Days of VR: Day 15 A, Using glTexImage3D() for Texture Arrays and other Gaming news

The gaming news of 2017-09-28 on Tamugaia - 100 Days of VR: Day 15 Adding Shooting, Hit, and More Walking Sound Effects!, and Using glTexImage3D() for Texture Arrays.
100 Days of VR: Day 15 Adding Shooting, Hit, and More Walking Sound Effects! - ... [ View ]

Using glTexImage3D() for Texture Arrays - ... [ View ]

Dev Blog: Week 17 - TGS & Updates #2 - ... [ View ]

Question about Font and Text in Direct3D - I have started my "small game" for a few days, I use DirectX 9(some reason i chose this old version of dx) as my graphic engine, I need the effect like the show below. I think that i may need some depth so... [ View ]

A New Demo as the Kickstarter Reaches Halfway Point - ... [ View ]

Wartime Now Available From WizKids - Hey kids! What time is it? “Wartime!” Sorry, that’s just the first thing I think of when I see the name of this game. Wartime is the new strategic board game from WizKids where a unit can... [ View ]

Homefront Global Malifaux Campaign Happening Now - Wyrd Games has launched a new global campaign for Malifaux. It’s called Homefront and they’re looking to get everyone’s participation. Games can be registered on the company’s websi... [ View ]

Heart and Brain Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter - I love webcomics. I’ve got a regular rotation I go through during the week or follow on places like Facebook. One such is The Awkward Yeti. I’m sure you know them. They make the comics with the... [ View ]

Arkham Nights 2017 Coming Next Month - Man, I can’t wait for October. It’s probably my favorite month (even though my favorite holiday, by far, is in November). There’s just so many things I love about that month, mostly havin... [ View ]

Cuphead Review Embargo Date Revealed. Heres When Reviews Are Coming - "Long in the works indie game Cuphead is finally launching on PC and Xbox One this Friday and we now know when to expect reviews to start hitting."... [ View ]

The Solus Project Review - PlayStation Universe - From PlayStation Universe: "Explore a deserted alien planet in PS4 and PSVR survival game, The Solus Project. Read the review."... [ View ]

Call of Cthulhu Delayed Until 2018 - Is this delay real or is it all in your head?... [ View ]

Game Design Daily 065 - Sonic Mania - ... [ View ]

Game Design Daily 064 - Battle Camp - ... [ View ]

Game Design Daily 063 - Pocket Mine Series, Part 3 - ... [ View ]

Game Design Daily 062 - Pocket Mine Series, Part 2 - ... [ View ]

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