Watch: Sea World to Re, Watch: Libyan Revolt: Where Are Gadhafi and His Sons? and other World news

The world news of 2011-09-18 on Tamugaia - Watch: Sea World to Release Sea Turtle in San Diego, and Watch: Libyan Revolt: Where Are Gadhafi and His Sons?.
Watch: Sea World to Release Sea Turtle in San Diego - ... [ View ]

Watch: Libyan Revolt: Where Are Gadhafi and His Sons? - ... [ View ]

Hitch over bail for US hikers held in Iran - A bail application for two U.S. men sentenced to eight years in prison in Iran for alleged espionage was in limbo Saturday, after it was signed by one judge, but a second judge failed to appear as expected... [ View ]

After humiliating loss, Libya forces charge back - Libyan interim government forces charged back into the besieged desert town of Bani Walid on Saturday, a day after diehard loyalists of Muammar Gadhafi beat them back into a humiliating retreat.... [ View ]

Berlusconi wiretaps: Bring girls, but not tall ones - Wiretapped telephone conversations between Silvio Berlusconi and a businessman charged with recruiting female escorts for his allegedly sex-fuelled parties were made public Saturday.... [ View ]

Greek PM cancels U.S. trip as debt crisis deepens - Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou canceled a planned visit to the United States on Saturday to deal with a deepening crisis at home, days before European Union and IMF inspectors decide on further fun... [ View ]

Students clash in Yemen - 4:52 PM... [ View ]

Daughter of late Senator Ted Kennedy dies - 4:44 PM... [ View ]

Pope on first official trip to Germany - 4:30 PM... [ View ]

Ukraine proposes alternative to South Stream - Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has proposed building one more gas pipeline across his country instead of the planned South Stream project bypassing it. Analysts say Russia is unlikely to support the... [ View ]

Libyan operation will continue for as long as necessary - French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron flew to Tripoli on Thursday, where they were greeted by cheering crowds as they agreed to carry on military operations for as long... [ View ]

Musings of a Russophile: What a mountain tells you - Looking out from the peak of Mount Kinabalu and watching the morning sun chase the storm away from the peaks of Borneo was like some native fairy-tale of the storm-king being chased by the sun-god. Climbin... [ View ]

The U.S. will conquer deep space with Russian engines - The United States has announced it is developing a heavy rocket for deep space expeditions. It might use Russian-made engines which is the result of house-cleaning in the U.S. space industry.... [ View ]

Russian Press - Behind the Headlines, September 16 - World Bank finds consumption in Russia unrelated to social policies Historic visits amid lack of certainty? Suspect names Berezovsky as possible contractor of Politkovskaya’s murder... [ View ]

Obama to seek higher tax rate for the rich - ... [ View ]

Pilot killed in W.Va. air show crash - ... [ View ]

West Memphis 3: Free - ... [ View ]

Reno air crash death toll raised to 9 - ... [ View ]

Lawyer For Jailed Americans In Iran Files Bail Papers - The defense lawyer for the two Americans moved ahead with bail arrangements on Saturday, as international efforts intensified to seal a freedom-for-bail deal for the two men, convicted of spying.... [ View ]

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