Watch: Connecticut Sho, Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Victims and other World news

The world news of 2012-12-16 on Tamugaia - Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Investigation, and Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Victims.
Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Investigation - ... [ View ]

Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Victims - ... [ View ]

Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Shooter - ... [ View ]

Watch: Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: Remembering the Victims - ... [ View ]

Rocket Still Centerpiece as NKoreans Mourn Kim - ... [ View ]

Fiji Braces for Cyclone That Killed 3 in Samoa - ... [ View ]

More Than 200 Treated for Food Poisoning in Chile - ... [ View ]

Castro Visiting Chavez After Surgery - ... [ View ]

Egyptian rivals: Constitution appears to be passing - Egyptians appeared to have voted narrowly in favor of a constitution shaped by Islamists, officials in rival camps say.... [ View ]

Mandela undergoes surgery to remove gallstones - Former South African President Nelson Mandela has successfully undergone surgery to have gallstones removed, the office of the presidency said in a statement Saturday.... [ View ]

ANALYSIS: As Egypt votes, what is at stake? - On Saturday, millions of Egyptians are expected to vote in the first round of a national referendum to determine whether the country adapts a new and controversial constitution.... [ View ]

World reacts with sympathy to US school shooting - Shock and sympathy were the initial reactions from around the world to a shooting rampage that left 26 people dead, including 20 children, at a Connecticut elementary school.... [ View ]

Memorials held for nurse duped in royal prank call - The family of a nurse who was duped into putting through a prank phone call to the hospital ward of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge delivered a tearful tribute to her on Saturday, saying her death had le... [ View ]

Damage fears as Evan heads to Fiji - 4:36 PM... [ View ]

US shooting families shattered - 1:58 PM... [ View ]

UK nurse left unfillable void: family - 9:15 AM... [ View ]

Egypt opposition alleges vote rigging - 8:35 AM... [ View ]

H&M comes under pressure to act on child-labour cotton - ... [ View ]

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