State Security HQ overr, The Brotherhood: Empowered by Its Weakness and other World news

The world news of 2011-03-07 on Tamugaia - State Security HQ overrun in Cairo , and The Brotherhood: Empowered by Its Weakness.
State Security HQ overrun in Cairo - ... [ View ]

The Brotherhood: Empowered by Its Weakness - The revolution in Egypt succeeded because it had no obvious Islamist image, and the Muslim Brotherhood has benefited from its soft, supportive presence.... [ View ]

Violence in Libya sows fears of long civil war; gunfire erupts in Tripoli - ... [ View ]

Kosovo Developments: Interview with Oliver Ivanovic - Ivanovic discusses the developments and challenges in Kosovo, including the danger to Serbs; the role of the international community; and threats towards regional stability.... [ View ]

In Venezuela, Chavez tries to boost Gaddafi - ... [ View ]

New Egypt foreign minister likely to be tougher on Israel - ... [ View ]

“Reset” rings hollow after two years, say analysts - Two years on, the “reset” in U.S.-Russian ties has changed the tone of relations, but the “hollow” veneer of its overall success does not mask enduring mistrust between the countries and their diff... [ View ]

U.S.-Russian reset: A house built on sand - The second anniversary of the reset is upon us, and yet experts are still disputing the very meaning of the concept. There are two opposing camps among American studies experts in Russia.... [ View ]

Russian media bosses see no threat from bloggers - Blogging has become a national hobby in Russia, with Russians among the most enthusiastic users of social networking sites and other new Web 2.0 media.... [ View ]

Libya Fight Rages As Gadhafi Strikes Back - There has been fierce fighting Sunday in the pro-Gadhafi stronghold of eastern Libya. Rebel forces met with strong resistance from the army loyal to Moammar Gadhafi.... [ View ]

Both Sides Claim Western Libyan City - In western Libya, where few journalists have access, there is a propaganda war raging. Both sides have been claiming control of Zawiyah, a city 30 miles west of Tripoli, where there have been battles all w... [ View ]

In Bahrain, Protests Continue - Protests in the Gulf island of Bahrain continued through the weekend and are moving into a fourth week. The embattled government there is calling for dialogue with the opposition. And neighboring oil-giant... [ View ]

Government supporters attack protesters in Yemen - Government supporters wielding knives and handguns attacked protesters in southern Yemen on Sunday, leaving one dead in the latest in weeks of demonstrations demanding the president step down.... [ View ]

Iraq blast kills 6 in oil-rich Basra - A roadside bomb killed six people and wounded 12 Sunday morning in the oil-rich city of Basra in southern Iraq, local officials said.... [ View ]

Qaddafi gunships strafe rebel advance on Tripoli - ... [ View ]

Obama considering tapping oil reserves - ... [ View ]

Homeless children: The hard times generation - ... [ View ]

Mexico requests info from U.S. on gun-running - ... [ View ]

Libyan diplomatic mission ends in humiliation - ... [ View ]

Ivory Coast police loot cabinet homes - ... [ View ]

Chirac lines up for court appearance - ... [ View ]

The United States: A Country without a Revolution - People in North Africa and the Middle East are battling for their freedom and their lives. In the United States, on the other hand, pillars of democracy are slowly being eroded while citizens stand idly b... [ View ]

Peaceful Protests Meet Violent Results in Bahrain - Many citizens of Bahrain lack even basic needs, while the ruling Khalifah family enjoys a guarded life of grandeur. As protestors call for removal of the king, they risk their lives.... [ View ]

Watch: Looks You Can Take to the Bank - ... [ View ]

Watch: Standoff in Tripoli - ... [ View ]

Watch: Mob Boss' Son Turned FBI Informant - ... [ View ]

Watch: Royal Diary: Wedding Dress Code Revealed - ... [ View ]

Watch: UFO Reports: The Real X-Files - ... [ View ]

DOCTOR DISCOVERS CURE FOR CHRONIC CONSTIPATION - ARLINGTON, VA - Physiologist finds that a popular mobile phone game cures chronic constipation.... [ View ]

LINCOLN OWNED SLAVES - McLEAN, VA – Abraham Lincoln has inspired Americans for generations, but it was just revealed that he was a slave owner.... [ View ]

EASTERN COUGAR EXTINCT - NEW JERSEY - Horny young men with no ambition fear for their survival with news of the extinction of the eastern cougar.... [ View ]

ALIENS ON METEORITE - NASA discovers alien life on meteorite!!... [ View ]

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