South Korea practices f, Is Your Christmas Gift Fueling War? and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-16 on Tamugaia - South Korea practices for worst-case attack , and Is Your Christmas Gift Fueling War?.
South Korea practices for worst-case attack - ... [ View ]

Is Your Christmas Gift Fueling War? - Many of the electronic gadgets that define our age are made with minerals mined in eastern Congo. Human rights advocates say the profits from the mining are used to buy the guns and bullets that have kept... [ View ]

International court names six Kenyans as suspects in 2007 post-election violence - ... [ View ]

18 from Colombian rebel group charged in 2003 kidnappings - ... [ View ]

Palestinian Authority cracks down on mosques to promote moderate Islam - ... [ View ]

U.N. Security Council votes to end several Hussein-era sanctions against Iraq - ... [ View ]

Weather girl made up New York rape - 10:00 AM... [ View ]

Divided Italy faces uncertainty - 8:38 AM... [ View ]

Swiss bank goes under cover in clothing - 7:54 AM... [ View ]

Irish parliament backs massive bailout - 7:51 AM... [ View ]

Anti-austerity riots erupt in Greece - 7:45 AM... [ View ]

UN ends Saddam-era Iraq sanctions - The UN Security Council has ended most international sanctions imposed on Iraq during the Saddam Hussein era and praised progress made in the country.... [ View ]

Clinton seeks to revamp US diplomacy - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is unveiling plans to once again make civilian diplomacy and development work the core of American foreign policy, which for years has been heavily focused on the militar... [ View ]

Afghanistan Strategy Review - No Change to Public Version - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, revealed yesterday that there would be no change to the policy of the Afghan War Strategy. President Obama announced his strategy at West Point Military Academy i... [ View ]

Greek General strike: Violent clashes between the police and the protesters - 15th December 2010, Athens, Greece. Greece, like so many other European countries, is facing severe austerity measures put in place by the government. Today has seen the seventh general strike in Greece t... [ View ]

Tough Choices on Afghanistan - ... [ View ]

Holbrooke: The Last Statesman - Matthew Yglesias, American Prospect(AP Photo/Thierry Charlier)Richard Holbrooke, who died unexpectedly this week after suffering a tear in his aorta, was a celebrity diplomat whose name was known to every... [ View ]

The New Big Picture on Spending - Peter Ferrara, American SpectatorEvents have moved so fast in the post-election fallout that thelast seven days have seen the political cards completelyreshuffled. A new big picture has emerged of the pol... [ View ]

Republicans' Missing Mandate - Steve Benen, Washington MonthlyTHE MISSING MANDATE.... After the 1994 midterms, when congressional Republicans making massive gains, the public was strongly inclined to back the GOP. At the time, a Washin... [ View ]

START is a Staggeringly Bad Deal for U.S. - Nile Gardiner, Daily TelegraphWednesday 15 December 2010 | Blog Feed | All feedsSign in or registerBy Nile Gardiner World Last updated: December 14th, 2010Comment on this Com... [ View ]

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