Several People Stabbed , Probe Underway in Police Shooting Caught on Dashcam in NJ and other World news

The world news of 2016-11-12 on Tamugaia - Several People Stabbed at Pittsburgh Mental Health Facility, and Probe Underway in Police Shooting Caught on Dashcam in NJ.
Several People Stabbed at Pittsburgh Mental Health Facility - The suspect barricaded himself inside the building, WTAE reported.... [ View ]

Probe Underway in Police Shooting Caught on Dashcam in NJ - Authorities in New Jersey are investigating a police shooting that was captured on dashcam in which an officer shot a man during a traffic stop scuffle.... [ View ]

2 Curable, Preventable Illnesses Kill 1.4 Million Children a Year: UNICEF - New report calls for an end to childhood deaths from diarrhea and pneumonia.... [ View ]

Wildfires Blanket Southeast Skies, Burn Thousands of Acres - States of emergency were declared in Tennessee and North Carolina.... [ View ]

President Trump: Get Ready for a Rough Ride - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles TimesDonald Trumpâ??s unexpected victory means our next president will be an untested non-politician who made a list of campaign promises he canâ??t possib... [ View ]

The Little Guy and the Billionaire - Fred Barnes, The Weekly StandardDonald Trump, like Ronald Reagan, becomes president as the head of the Republican party and leader of a political movement. For Reagan, joining the party with the conservat... [ View ]

What I Got Wrong About the Election - David Plouffe, New York TimesLike many people around the world, I expected a comfortable Hillary Clinton victory on Tuesday. But I’m not a random pundit when it comes to understanding presidential r... [ View ]

Law, Order, and Trump - Heather Mac Donald, City JournalThe Republican candidate supported police and expressed concern about the growing homicide toll in black neighborhoodsâ??in contrast with his opponent.... [ View ]

Artist turns Paris ordeal into graphic novel - ... [ View ]

France reckons with burgeoning terror threat - ... [ View ]

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