Kosovo PM “Is Maf, 23 Experts claim surge in Afghanistan not working. and other World news

The world news of 2010-12-15 on Tamugaia - Kosovo PM “Is Mafia Boss Linked With Organs Trafficking”, and 23 Experts claim surge in Afghanistan not working..
Kosovo PM “Is Mafia Boss Linked With Organs Trafficking” - Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci headed an Albanian mafia clan responsible for organ trafficking, weapons and drug smuggling in Kosovo and through Eastern Europe, the Council of Europe (... [ View ]

23 Experts claim surge in Afghanistan not working. - Of course one could also probably round up 24 others who would claim it was working fine or perhaps at least progressing but with speed bumps. The experts have written an open letter to president Obama. T... [ View ]

Silvio Berlusconi vote sparks violence in Rome - The margin of victory was so razor-thin that Mr Berlusconi remains the leader of a lame-duck government which was declared "clinically dead" by the opposition. After months of political... [ View ]

Swedes Delay Release of Assange - It looked like Julian Assange , who has become a rallying force for people who believe governments have lied to them, would be freed today Monday, but Sweden intervened again. A judge granted bail of $310... [ View ]

Death penalty use drops dramatically in Texas - --Concerns about reliability, fairness plague death penalty system-- Death sentences in Texas hit an historic low this year, dropping more than 70% since 2003 according to the Texas Coalition to Abolish t... [ View ]

Cheney, Halliburton may settle Nigerian charges - ... [ View ]

Bangladesh factory fire kills at least 8 - ... [ View ]

Charges dismissed against American in UAE weapons case - ... [ View ]

Beijing pitches friendship of generations - ... [ View ]

Hamas celebrates 23rd anniversary with mass rally - ... [ View ]

Students Opt Out of Gym Despite Obesity Epidemic - ... [ View ]

Watch: The Conversation: The Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds - ... [ View ]

Former Friends Ask WikiLeaks Founder: Where's the Money? - ... [ View ]

WikiLeaks Founder Assange Bail Set at $315k - ... [ View ]

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds announce split - ... [ View ]

Frank Ruggiero replaces Richard Holbrooke as acting envoy - ... [ View ]

New York subway plot was five days from success - ... [ View ]

Assange Due in Court Over Sex-Crime Case - ... [ View ]

Last Words: 'You've Got to Stop This War in Afghanistan' - ... [ View ]

Italy Premier Survives Senate Vote - ... [ View ]

Party Defection Threatens Pakistan Government - ... [ View ]

Tossed Cruise Ship Docks: Passengers Revolt - ... [ View ]

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